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Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

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"Flower of sanity grips attention, busy bee floating around, whisper of the wind on your journey, move on with your life"

"Breathless catch of amazement, such beauty near my presence, hooked like a fish, future ex-wife enters my life"

"Battered cautious confusion of mistrust, threatened entrapment of being alone, allow me the power to put my heart out there"

"Trinket firefly off wood, burning into the night sky, emotion sweeps through souls, the home is on fire"

"Little butterfly floating in air, beauty colours dangle by a string, graceful flight in no apparent direction"

"Silence in the eardrums, blanket peace wraps you; wary bones moan with rest, time to yourself is blessed"

"Eyes are heavy rocks, cautious sudden glance, aware of television noise, not knowing what’s going on, its time to sleep"

"Creepy spider upon the wall, webbing its mystery net, poor misfortunate fly, took a wrong turn into hell"

"Lean forth to me, let me feel your essence, brush your lips against mine, let me taste your soul, give me a perfect kiss"

"Freedom in the society of damned, bringing a light of life to cheer, give hope to one and all, help a human today"

"Filthy whore machine, crazy action of doing, frowning fury of rage, bloody dog stole my sandwich"

"Brittle laughter of confusion, eyes sleek with hope, moving itch of awkwardness, joke was lost on you"

"Sealed with a flightless pigeon, carrying a note of love, the marriage proposal will be accepted, by a lady of crimson red love"

"Little frog doing a hop race, frantic worry of time running out, quick steady movements to desire, just missed the princess"

"Glimpse the lady ashore the beach, gripped by bikini beauty, driven to blurred words, shyness creeps into existence again"

"Joked joker on the fire, fragmented words of laughter, smiles upon human souls, joy found within the world"

"Religious sport at the weekend, males thrive on cheering teams, sadness of loss kills a smile, glory found with a winning team"

"Clash of confidence broken, rise above the volcanic eruption of despair, allow yourself to breathe again, believe in your talent"

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