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Shaun Masterton  

I was born in Edinburgh on January 8th 1978 and spent my first three years in this world staying with my parents at my Nana and Granddad´s house in Edinburgh. When I was 3 years old, my parents got our first family home in a new town called Livingston. This is where I would embark on my journey through life and learn who I was going to be as a man. I stayed in Livingston until 1996 and you will understand why I have a love for the town and call Livingston Home. After 9 ½ years away from Livingston staying in Broxburn, I am now happily back in Livingston since July 2013.

I have always been creative in some form or fashion. I started by making games when I was a child to keep me busy whenever I got grounded as a child, am still innocent by the way. These games started around my toy cars I had when I was 6 years old and eventually led to me creating games with a deck of cards, bit of paper and a pen. Card games usually consist of me taken a sport and me having a career in that sport, I spent more time with my wrestling career than ever other sport, the amount of hours I spent on this makes me laugh now.

During my early teen years, I discovered I had a photographic memory and was able to look at a picture and re-create the same picture by drawing a bit of a picture at a time. This was like putting a jigsaw together but with small pictures in my head of the overall picture I was drawing.

I started writing in 1997 and this came from me always wanting to write a song. I eventually sat down and wrote my first song; well what I thought was a song. I showed what I wrote to my family and friends and most people would say "it reads more like a poem". So that was it, I started calling my song a poem instead.

I don´t remember what the first poem I wrote was called or what it was about. However I do remember that it wasn´t very good but I was still proud of it. It wasn´t until my fifth poem called "Fall in love again" that I really felt I had written something nice and that actually rhymed well. However, every writer is always going be there worse critic I expect.

  Shaun Masterton

Along my journey I have discovered other creative passions that have provided an avenue that you are currently looking at, which allows me to showcase my creative writing to the world……yes, it is web design.

It was around 2001 where I discovered online chat rooms and via the many friends I made then, I discovered mIRC, which was a program created to connect with IRC servers where chat rooms where hosted. It had its very own powerful scripting language which gave me many years of great fun creating my own scripts, mp3 players, chat tools and much more.

While exploring this avenue to create, I discovered a great web service called "Geocities", which was run by Yahoo, it allowed me to make a website quickly and showcase my work, which sad to say, this service is now no longer available.

As with everything in life, I wanted to know how a picture, text and other things was displayed, I have always been a fiddly type of person who wanted to know how an object or whatever did what it did. This is when my web design journey started and to this day, still gives me great thrill and delight to design a website, and then see a finished creation that I did.

In 2004/2005, I went to college to study the creation of film, yes more creating, for two years I learned how to take an idea for story, put it on camera, and then edit it into a viewable piece for others to watch. I had great fun at college learning to do this but it was meeting someone who has became a very loyal friend till this day, that sent my life in a new direction I would never ever have considered……….running my own business.

Shaun Masterton  

Up until college I had mostly worked in the Retail industry which the experience I gained has been a great help in business. Since 2006 I have been involved in running a business, first it was a production company, then web design business for 3 years. An after almost a year, I was back in business doing web design and finding a way for a friend and me to take our skills, an turn it into a viable business, which is MR BizWeb LTD and still doing today.

We all have our paths in life, an when I look back on my path, I am amazed myself how everything I done in life is so neatly linked together, but I am even more excited to see how heavily creating is been a part of my life. It has given me a few headaches for sure but so much joy as well.


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