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"To understand a human, you have to go back to there roots, and see where they came from" Shaun Masterton

Angie Rankin-Mckenzie Poetry

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Angie-Rankin McKenzie Poetry

 The Damage 

Life of being abused
Left me scared & confused
The noise in my head
Makes me wish I was dead
The torment inside
Makes me want to hide
And the world that I know
Is missing its glow
Its dark & its ill
I´ve felt pain at its fill
I die a slow death
With every painful breath
The pain that I feel
May never be healed
To love a mess like me
A struggle it will be
I survive at a cost
All of the loved ones i´ve lost
I try not to dwell
But each day is my hell
To survive each days fight
I must relive my pain each night

 Dreaming Is When Am Alive 

Two weeks became two years
Pain became tears
No-one see´s the oceans run dry
Everytime I break down & Cry
I have to be strong
Even though days are long
Nights I dredd
As I lay sleepless in bed.
I dream of you & then I wake
This nightmare never ends‚ how long will it take?
I miss you with my every breath
Sometimes I long to sleep‚ till my own death
The pain is so much I cuts so deep
Just take me away in my sleep
Hope keeps me alive‚ thats all I have left
If I die dreaming of you it´ll be a good death.

Angie Rankin-McKenzie Poetry

Angie Rankin-McKenzie Poetry

 Angels Without Wings 

This is a cruel world
Nothing is fair
Yet there are good people
That will always care
We find people who know what we feel
Its sad to know that others have to deal
With heartache‚ Illness‚ Rejection or Abuse
Feeling restricted like a neck in a noose
The people who survive this corrupted place
Are the the ones who have souls full of Grace
Theres a hidden connection‚ deep in the soul
where only the pure are free to go
For these people are not meant for this plane
They are Angels trying to find their wings again