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  Carrot Dilemma  

Sleepy yawn as morning arrives
Cold shivers embrace my skin

The kettle moans into life
The bathroom is my next stop

Peek out of the window
The night snowfall excites me

Gleeful joy spins me around
Quickly dressed in record time

Out the door with a skip
Hurried trip lands me in snow

Gloved hands sweep the snow
The snowman becomes reality

Painted smile placed with precision
Stoned eyes allows for sight

There no need for a scarf or hat
The snowman is already cold

Panic eruption in my brain
I have no carrots for a nose

Quick steps to the store
Meeting the typical queue

Inpatient wait ends with my turn
Decisive request for a free carrot

Puzzled laughter greets me
After all, I am 32 years old



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