Shaun Masterton presents written word book for 9.77
"Every human should think there beautiful but it´s the kind personalities that are the true beauties of the world." Shaun Masterton


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Content creation is one of the great things that the internet has provided people, we can give escapism to everyone by recording our gameplay and our reactions to our success, an the rare times we fail at gaming, yeah rare times. We can take our favourite games and give them free advertising by showing our gameplay to all, yes really, people watching other people playing games is a fun passtime for many.

Right here on this page you can see a nervous Scotsman (named Notretsam(Notey)), as he explores this wonderful opprtunity to provide content that he hopes you will enjoy as much as I make them, check out my gameplay in many popular games or games that I just love, then keep coming back to watch this journey become bigger and bigger.

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