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"The World can be a sad sad place but it has moments when it shines as bright as the sun" Shaun Masterton
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

Little things

Little things give me a compass to find you
No matter the distance between our hearts
I feel the warmth of your distanced embrace
With knowledge of love being a strong reality

Sad days come and go in regular intervals
Our love is entwined in our linked days forever
We are the love that lights our eternal journeys
That we shape with worded decisions together

Lost ones make me cry with regretful sorrow
You provide the strength for me to find a step
Remind me to remember the good times I had
With the never forgotten presence that has left

You are the inspiration for me to hold you tight
When a moment hangs heavy on your shoulders
Our daily moments shared from afar or near
Are the little things that hold our undying love

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