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Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

Next sunset

The heaviness of a day weights us down
We doubt the sunset of another torturous day
Unconfident thoughts race thunderously through us
Our mind a never-ending map of disappointment

The alcohol gives a brief feeling of satisfaction
Thought of eating when not even hungry arrives
We tearfully stare into the abyss of lost hope
Just looking for any type of light to reach out

Our past moments of despair and sighs roll on
Rapidly building up to a devilish roar of sorrow
We try to grip on to our sanity like it's a precious toy
Searching for a smile is like a rare sunset in the night

The devil laughs silently into our hunched ears
Our tears erupt from our eyes with a shiver
The reassurance defiant words we speak quietly
Gives us the strength to see that next sunset

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