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Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

No right over your uterus

They just don't give a fuck about you
Only care about there own opinion
Scream out lies upon lies of pro-life
When every good person values life

You have no freedom of a decision
You have no choice in your future
You must conform to their viewpoint
You have no right over your uterus

They dictate the future path of women
Even the ones that have been raped
Heartbeat decision to remove freedom
Their choice is now your choice

Mostly men have cried out a vote
Ignoring the voices of most women
Who just want the freedom of choice
Only care to listen when they're horny

Never stop believing in correct change
This disgraceful law can be reversed
You have the freedom to be heard
Many good souls are with you always

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