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Written Word


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Imagination by Shaun Masterton


Imagination within humans has us as a race evolving into an advanced society from the good ole cave days. Without being able to imagine newer ways to build the many buildings in the world or how to make a previous creation even better, this world would be at standstill and become very boring.

A life without imagination scares me; it would be the worst horror story ever. I love that I can imagine different moments and present them to your mind through poetry.

I welcome you to join me on a journey through 63 poems from my imagination where sadness will creep over you and happiness will have you smiling.

Planning a 2nd version of this book at some point

 Poetry Listing 

I´m too young to die |  Ladies and Gentleman, My Sister |  It is your day |  Good day role by |  Teardrop on a rainbow  |  Tattoo Memory  |  The Moment we dread  |  Chasing Life  |  The Written Word  |  It´s all about humans  |  Eurovision  |  Grease  |  Hero  |  Tear in the rain  |  Binocular Eyes  |  Flame on the fire  |  Cold Day  |  Kiss  |  Encounter  |  I believe in you  |  I needed a cigarette  |  Lunch  |  Jealousy  |  The Darkness within me  |  Thrill Seeking Delight  |  Carrot Dilemma  |  Is there really  |  Forgotten Love  |  Kingdom of lost souls  |  Puzzled World  |  Sleepy Eyes  |  Dark Trick  |  Special Night  |  Together as one  |  Illness Survivor  |  Twist of the wrist  |  River Blues  |  Passion to win  |  Big Box That Talks  |  Day Dreaming Delight  |  Sunset Opportunity  |  Neighbour Respect  |  First Date Chaos  |  No Tomorrow  |  Loving Beauty  |  Game of Life  |  Silent Words  |  Misty Fog  |  Chasing Dwarfs  |  Mysterious Beauty  |  Paint a Smile  |  Demons Within Me  |  Moon Smile  |  Pizza on the sofa  |  Honesty  |  Pleasure to meet you  |  Beauty Colours  |  Chaotic Disaster  |  Inspire  |  Thrilled with my mum  |  Escaped Delusion  |  Life is a jigsaw  |  Thank You  | 



The Written Word by Shaun Masterton


A collection of 43 poems that show the progress of my writing since 1997. The book is split up into years, which will showcase how my poetry has improved from year to year. Topics of poetry range from sadness, love and family members.

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 Poetry Listing 

Are you thinking?  |  Baby has been born  |  Fall in love again  |  I love you  |  So Fast  |  Parents like mine  |  Why things happen?  |  For my sister  |  The time was so right  |  I´ll be there  |  You´re my mum  |  Angel  |  Angel Eyes  |  Desire for you  |  Just had to be with you  |  Look of love  |  Who are you?  |  Always be your man  |  Back together again  |  Dance as one  |  Feeling so complete  |  First contact  |  For you I write  |  Free as a bird  |  Love and happiness  |  Nightmare  |  No one as special as you  |  Friends in chat  |  I´ll never leave you  |  My Reality  |  Okay forever  |  Smell of the wild  |  Bedtime Story  |  Blue eyes in the sea  |  Love in the shadow  |  New journey  |  Our parents  |  Anniversary  |  Lost Friend  |  The Irish Beauty  |  Through the night  |  Skyline  |  Whispering words  | 



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