Shaun Masterton presents written word book for 9.77
"A joke is worth a billion if it puts a smile on a sad face" Shaun Masterton

Like most days, I had twitter open and the tweet you see to the right was posted by @jk_rowling , let me clarify first before I go on, that I have no problems with Joanne Rowling, I don't know her from Eve, I respect her opinions on Donald Trump and she has certainly been a big inspiration to many writers, now lets begin.

There is no doubt that there has always been a dislike between Scotland and England, some people are just unable to let go of our history, and how the British rule came to be, and you really can't blame people for not being able to let it go and squarely believe in a "United" Kingdom.

In no way am I saying everyone hates each other, I don't even hate English people, I think there some really cool English people, one of my favourite bosses was my boss at Shoe Express back in 1994 and 1997, and he was English, to be brutally honest, he most likely played a big part in showing me that English people where just as cool as Scottish people.

When it comes to the actual hate between the two, then it is on both sides, it's both North and South, I do remember during European Championships in 1996, there were two English fans who got a beating in Scotland for wearing an England shirt, sure one of them was only 14. Whoever did this, let Scotland down in a big way and these attacks should never have happened.

So yeah, there is dislike on both sides but there is many who would truly love the actual United Kingdom. However, there is always going be bad apples on both sides who will continue to add fuel to the fire, now maybe she didn't attend to do this, but I am disappointed in Joanne Rowling putting all Scottish Nationalists into one box, many of us are actually good people. Now the comment that triggered J.K Rowling's post was by Leslie Riddoch, and I understand why she reacted to it, it was not great and encase you missed it, its on the image to the left.

Still with me? Good on'ya, now remember that @jk_rowling tweet, and specifically the question that was asked, well I choose to post the reply you can see on the right, something I 100% guarantee I experienced growing up, and so did many on both sides witness this.

Now we are always going to get replies and some of these are certainly going to be very interesting shall we say, well no different here, I got some really interesting replies, to the point I actually eventually blocked two people and even deleted my tweets to them, as got feeling they were trying to get a reaction, so I removed my reaction.

It truly is amazing the lengths people will go to talk down to someone, this is something Scotland has experienced many times in there lives, we speak up about why we see ourselves as Scottish, only to be talked down too, like our own experiences never happened and we are flat out lying.

Here are some things I was told;

1. someone stated they never heard anything like I said I heard on BBC, I stated a true fact, no-one watches BBC 24/7 and it is possible for me to hear something and someone else doesn't hear it. I actually had someone replying to this by saying "If you watched the BBC 24/7 your whole life like your claiming, you'd be dead!! It's a physical impossibility, ", basically took my point and twisted it right around.

2. I had someone stating to me that "it sounds like I heard what I wanted to hear", which appears that tweet has now been deleted by the person.

3. I had someone claiming "if you keep repeating it to yourself, then it must be true"

4. Also, someone claimed there was some kind of study that disapproved what I stated in my original tweet, which the 2 people I blocked decided that I should believe in video evidence that I have never seen or heard off before because my memory was unreliable as most peoples memories are. Now am not expecting them to believe what I say just because I tweeted it, but apparently, it's different when it comes to me.

5. Soon as I did state I had a poor memory, one jumped on that and stated "he admitted he had a poor memory", but totally ignored the part directly after that stated I remember what is important to me. I actually said "I have a poor memory, but I always remember what important to me"

They 5 bulleted points pretty much speak for themselves but its a small example of what Scottish people have faced from "some" English people over the years, as stated earlier, Scotland isn't innocent in this, we had our say as well.


I also remember Gary Lineker at major football events when BBC is covering a game, and Gordon Strachan being a guest, Gary Lineker would always bring up Scotland not qualifying many times, and he would use it to take a dig at Gordon Strachan, even though Scotland hadn't qualified and therefore had absolutely nothing to do with the match BBC was showing.

Now some would say Gary was just having a laugh with Gordon, just like people do when there friends team lose, however, it got so bad once that Gordon Strachan actually asked if he was brought on the show specifically for the very reason he was Scottish.

A more recent example is it was stated recently that Scotland could not use the pound if we were to go independent, interesting, the pound has been around way longer than I been alive and am 40. Yet recently Scotland was told, the pound doesn't belong to us, we only have it because England allows us too. If we truly meant to be British Nationalists, then the pound belongs to Scotland as much as it does England, but apparently, it doesn't.

This is why I and many other people in Scotland view themselves as Scottish, but we are not all xenophobic, racist or anti-English.

United Kingdom

The whole thing between Scotland and England cannot be fully covered in this one feature, there has been many a book written on it. As for the question on why Scottish Nationalists become xenophobic, racist or anti-English, the simple answer is, every group has bad apples, there are good and bad people in this world, Scotland has there bad apples too.

However when Scotland has been alienated by England for so long, then it is understandable why we become Scottish Nationalists, then sadly hate does grow from there, which then turns into the xenophobic, racist and anti-English.

There are some people in Scotland and England who truly have no problem with the other, I am one of them, as I realize both sides have bad apples, but I must admit, I wasn't always like that, at one time I was anti-English, but as I got older, I have realized that for our future, it is better if the United in the United Kingdom truly becomes true. Sadly I just don't think it ever will due to our deep history together, and this current Brexit mess has not helped either, I hope am wrong but I don't think Scotland and England will ever truly be United.