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"Having hay fever is good if there is an Olympic sport for sneezing, since there isn´t, it sucks" Shaun Masterton
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

Thoughts of madness

The lunacy of dark echo's rain on me
Demons are awake and are arisen
They speak there haunting whispers
Say my death is soon upon my soul

My existence is coming to a brutal end
Darkness is surrounding my presence
Thoughts of madness direct my walking
The shadows confuse my steps with a trip

Continue falling into the hells of the earth
Monsters reach out with there hairy hands
Tears roll down my cheeks with a worry
Is this truly my destiny being finally written

Landing with unsuspected cat-like precision
Surprise roars out me with a nervous laugh
Confident feet under me has me reassured
The final swipe of a demon ends me

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