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"Treat your poker game like you would treat your loved one; be patient and wait for the right moment to show your heart" Shaun Masterton
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

We never truly die

Rain-soaked streets of tears
Meet our tissue hand waves
Loss of life is part of life
Still, our hearts break the same

We cry over the loss of a soul
Someone we shall never see again
A shadow that regularly met our own
Forever given us a smile on our lives

We cry hurt of hearts out
Wondering why they have to leave
How can we go on without them
We cry out for a reason why

Forever in the memory of those behind
Their existence has given air by family
Friends share stories of remembrance
We keep them alive with a single thought

We feel the pain of a death
Only to know our day will come
A day when a new life is created
Memories mean we never truly die

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